Long donkey

I know it could be a little bit uninteresting to make such a post in my blog but I think it’s ok for a starter write about it, specially that I have so many good topics that I’ll write about later (you know it’s always like that you have tons of ideas but you don’t know how to bring them out).

So this post is about an old and very popular game in Middle East which I love so much, the name of the game can be translated to “Long Donkey” from both  Arabic and Turkish.

The game is to be played between two teams consisting of 4-7 players, the members of the first team have to make a “donkey” in front of a wall while the players of the other team have to jump on the back of the “donkey” until they fall, in case they don’t fall the jumpers have to choose one of the numbers one or two and the donkeys have to guess what the choice was.

The winners become jumpers, the losers donkeys.

I also would like to share a video of the game with you I played it with my friends when I used to go scouting.