Second Cousin to the Devil

He saw her early at dawn
Walking barefoot, wearing grey gown
Offered her help, or maybe a home
“I’m the second cousin” she said
“For your own sake, please be gone”

At the bar on a stool
With a drink in her hand
Hypnotized him with her looks
The red lipstick made him a fool
The Cousin she was, second of them all

A night from the thousand nights
Bottles of wine, love to the spine
Held her so close, she felt his heart pound
“The second cousin of god” he said
“that’s who you are, that’s who I found”

I’ve seen him one time
All alone, with no charm
Marooned in his body, his life at its prime
Chewing on his soul, or what’s left of it
The second cousin of the devil had eatin most of it