Where’s The Green “Butka”?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a happy group of happy developers, they had a very tasty habit they used to practice every once in a while. Actually this habit wasn’t only theirs. There were hundreds of residents of our beloved city who loved and still do love to practice this not so secret habit.

And even though there was more than one spot to practice it they preferred one single place which for them was the most satisfying server of “the stuff”; it was a small, humble, cute, little food stand on Abovyan street near the famous “students park”.

The habit was eating, not just eating, but eating the best Falafel in town and not only Falafel, I can without fear say that they had the best hummus, chicken sandwich, cheese sandwich and the most friendly smile in the city.

Several weeks ago we’ve sadly been informed that the stand has been closed because the mayor suddenly decides that those food stands are ruining the view of the streets; the shocking thing is that these particular group of stands do ruin but the ones couple blocks down towards the Republic Square which are probably owned by some important oligarch are not ruining the view of the city.. anyway that isue shouldn’t be discussed in this post…

And the group of the developers and the other hundreds of people who used to eat from that stand on daily basis where left confused, they didn’t know what to do.

But this post is here to inform you my dear friends, that the stand is back working, not in the same address, but who cares, as long as it’s there and we are able once again to eat our favorite falafel from our beloved place.

The new stand is at Alek Manoukian street, next to IPEY (Institute of Physical Education of Yerevan).

So if you’ve been a fan of this stand now you can again go and enjoy the delicious sandwiches they make. If you’ve never been there I suggest you hurry and go there ASAP, because you’ve wasted to much time already.

To make it easier for you to find the spot here is a link to the location map I hope it’ll help you.

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