Chopin – Waltz 7 in C minor

One, two, three… one, two, three
Waltz is on come with me
Chopin’s playing dance with me
One step front, one step back
Turn around… there’s the fun
Waltz goes on, both feel it
He looks to the eyes
There she smiles…
He’s a freshman, now he’s shy
But when the notes flow fast
He finds the courage.. here’s a blast
Straight into her ear he whispers kindly
That’s a beautiful smile you have lady…
Now she’s red… she is shy
She’s a lady… for the first time
What a pure feeling
What a kind young man
What a nice evening
The best waltz she’s ever had
The three minutes of love
That felt like eternity
The best waltz he’s ever danced
That’s a dream one should have
That’s a life that shouldn’t end
That’s the love one should give
Dance the waltz till you’re high
One, two, three… one, two, three…
Waltz is fun, dance with me…