Patriotism in naming children (only for those who understand Arabic and/or know things about Syria)

I think if there is a Syrian who is as patriot as Hovhannes Shiraz and he decides to name his children after the names of Syrian cities it’ll go like this:

Damascus – boy
Aleppo – boy
Hama – girl
Homs – one should think before giving that name
Latakia – girl
Daraa – girl
Hasaka – girl
Raqqa – girl
Tartus – boy
Idlib – one should think TWICE before giving that name, SPECIALLY TO A BOY
Suwayda – girl
Qunaitira – girl
Afrin – the guy has Kurdish blood in his veins
Haffa – it’s in Homs province so let’s pass this one too
Mukharram – Homs
Rastan – could we go faster on these “Homs”-i cities
Safira – a pretty girl from Aleppo
Qamishly – it’s a She but I wouldn’t marry her…
Qutayfa, Nabk, Darayya, Duma – 4 beautiful sisters from the capital
Ariha – even though it has an a in the end but it’s still a boy (coz it’s in Idlib)
Suqailabia – are you serious???you want to call her by that name??
Thawra – she’ll be the head of the Ba’ath Party in her school
A’zaz – Afrin’s Brother
Banyas – a charming lady from the seashore
Duraykish – nop
Jable – they’ll fool her around in school by calling her JadBe
Meharde – a nice girl
Qerdaha – SHE’S THE BOSS
Palmyra – this is a name I’d go out for a date with
Safita – she’s nice

P.S. I should still mention that I love this country and I’m proud of being a citizen even though I wouldn’t live there.. and if I make this joke it’s only because I adore the smell of it’s soil